Feiko Mintjes


Bujinkan Judan - Kugyo Happo Biken 

Feiko Mintjes (1965) began training in Judo at the age of 6.

After 20 years of training in Kodokan Judo he studied different Japanese martial arts; Aikikai Aikido, Aikibudo, Aikibuken and Shinkendo.

He started training in Bujinkan on a regular basis in 1991 in Amsterdam at Jan Boy Bosma Sensei's Dojo, over 30 years ago. Taking over regular classes from his first teacher who retreated in the summer of 1998, he became a student of Sveneric Bogsater Sensei, passing the Godan test in 2001.

He founded Shihonobujin Dojo that same year in Amsterdam and in 2003 the Dojo in Friesland, now located in Leeuwarden, receiving further guidance of Soke and Shihan in both Europe and Japan.

He is assisted in the Dojo by Shidoshi with long-term experience in the art, who trained and passed the Godan test in Japan.

In his homestead he runs a practice as an alternative health practitioner since 2013.


2001 Passing Godan Test - Shidoshi

2014 Receiving the Golden Dragon Medal

2016 Receiving the Bufu Ikkan - Shin Gi Tai Menkyo 

2018 Awarded the title of Bujinkan Dai Shihan.