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Bushi no Kokoro-e


Bushi no Kokoro-e
The Warrior's direction in awareness

It is said that the martial ways are shown through one's daily life and behavior. Namely, through the manners of humanity. Needless to say, the Budoka who avoids thoughtless or inappropriate behavior is not consumed by rashness; he maintains a calm attitude, does not hesitate, but is modest, full of kindness, and is highly respected. The true path of the martial ways is to not let one's eagerness take control.

Although it is said: to be honorable is to protect the weak and fight the strong, it is not permitted to fight unnecessarily or without reason. When the circumstances necessitate, however, those who do not fear the strong and protect the weak should be called true warriors. When someone insults or disrespects you, the courage to laugh and not make them an opponent is true courage. Taking up the sword unnecessarily should be avoided at all costs. Maintaining a graceful heart together with the virtue of affection that is genial and pleasant, while also retaining the stern temperament to be decisive and bold; valuing both the literary and martial arts without being carried away by learning; possessing a well-balanced heart of kindness and valor; this is the divine warrior. We should persevere in this eternal direction of the warrior.

Hatsumi Masaaki
Venerable White Dragon