Friends in Bujinkan Seminar

1 / 2 october 


The Friends in Bujinkan Seminar was organized years ago for the first time, 
and for many years after, for all Bujinkan practitioners,
 to get the chance to reconnect and meet in training.
Not only Dutch showed up. 
Germans, English, Belgians and other nationalities too, 
as the previous seminars have shown. 

This year again it will be.

Organized in a new setting, in two dojo spaces 
training will be given by the following Bujinkan instructors:

Mariëtte v/d Vliet  
Marco Borst 
Feiko Mintjes  
Oscar Arends 
Ferry Perret Gentil  
Michel de Winter   

Time: Saturday and sunday from 11.00 to 17.00 hours 

The costs are 50 Euro for both days and 25 Euro for one day. 

Adres: Apeldoorn - Regentesselaan 15.

As it is taking place in Apeldoorn there are plenty of places to have a bite downtown 
on Saturday evening and it is possible to sleep in the dojo on Saturday night.


Let the organisation (Mariëtte v/d Vliet  
and Marco Borst
) know you come, 
for one or two days, also if you'd like to sleep in the Dojo
and make sure to pay ahead to guarentee you're in!

Here are the details to do so:

Rabo 3734.15.036
Iban NL54 RABO 0373 4150 36

More info will be send later.